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We’ve organized resources for visitors, media members and partners to help access, understand, and share information about our work and to make their own independent contributions to this effort.



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A single act of love can have global impact. In 1968, Robert Benson’s life was changed when an ordinary couple took him home from a children's shelter. Over the next fifty years, the reverberations reached around the world and changed hundreds more. In this inspiring book, several of those whose lives were changed share their stories for the first time.

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Speaker Request Form

Speaker Request Form

Robert Benson speaks at events including conferences, churches, law schools, universities, and meetings of professional organizations.  In professional settings, Robert gives inspirational messages addressed to the topic of how we can integrate purpose into our professional lives and make a significant difference in our world, consistent with our current vocation.  Robert has also given powerful messages at churches focused on themes of compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and justice, particularly as applied to ministry to the most vulnerable and marginalized and the importance of "reaching the one."

A consistent theme of Robert’s messages is that if we truly want to make a difference in our world, we must go beyond acts of charity, which are transactional, and act with love, which is relational. Drawing upon 20 years of moving stories, Robert shows how we have the greatest impact when we directly or indirectly engage in acts of love and kindness, and realize that the value is inherent in our actions. Economic poverty can be addressed through concrete actions with quantifiable results, but the greater poverty of feeling unwanted, unloved, and uncared for can only be addressed through acts of love, kindness, and caring. The results of the latter may not be quantifiable, but the impact is greater, extending across countries, cultures, and generations. 

If you are interested in having Robert speak to your organization or at an upcoming meeting or gathering, please complete and submit the Speaker Request form below.

Thanks for your request and interest in Love Forward. We will respond shortly.

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