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Love Forward is unique in its origins, its vision, and

the structure it employs to accomplish its mission.


Love Forward was founded by orphans to empower the orphaned. Love Forward was started by compassionate people who were separated from their families due to death, violence, abandonment, or abuse early in their own lives. We know how important it is for each student to know that they are loved, valued, seen, and heard as the unique individuals they are. Everything we do revolves around this central aim, as we forward the love we have received into the lives of others.

Love Forward reaches out to those who are the most vulnerable, marginalized, and disadvantaged in our global society. Our program seeks to educate and empower those at the outermost fringes of our global community: those who come from the most extreme poverty and who were separated from family due to death, abandonment, abuse, or other circumstances.  We have a further focus on empowering women, recognizing that a higher education and increased economic opportunities are critical to helping our students avoid early, forced, or arranged marriages, and other situations that carry a high risk of gender-based violence and exploitation.

Love Forward believes that those who come from the most challenging circumstances have the greatest potential to be world-changerscompassionate and passionate influencers of their communities. The students we support were once thrown-away by those closest to them. But it is our experience and conviction that when those same individuals are valued, loved, and empowered to realize their dreams, they profoundly impact and inspire those around them, especially when they attain a higher education and remain in their communities of origin.

Love Forward is committed to focused investment in individual lives. While we strive for cost efficiency, we also believe that every life is worth any cost.  Our commitment is to invest in individual lives, so that each student we sponsor knows they are valued and loved for who they are. We want to bring lifelong wholeness into their lives and walk with them until they realize their dreams. We do not measure “success” by the number of students we sponsor, but whether each student has the opportunity to pursue a life free of the poverty and abuse that once entrapped them.

Love Forward minimizes its overhead and focuses its resources on the students sponsored. In the U.S., Love Forward is a volunteer-run organization. In the countries where we work, we partner with social services organizations that refer students to our program. Our partner NGOs help operate our program and continue to provide the students with emotional support and mentoring. The limited we hire in each country to help coordinate our programs are directly involved in the lives of our students. Love Forward also maximizes its impact by working in countries where just $150-200/month funds an average scholarship, which includes all educational and living expenses for one student.


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